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Our restorative dentistry treatments emphasize a comprehensive, full mouth approach so that individual treatments work in harmony with your entire mouth and bite. We always discuss your exam results in depth with you, so that you have a good understanding of your own personal risk factors and the different treatment options available.

Our restorative treatments address a wide range of issues related to pain, disease, and function, but they can often be divided into one of three categories: 1) treating cavities and gum disease, 2) preventing the breakdown of teeth due to normal function (chewing), 3) correcting bite function issues that cause pain, damage, or difficulty eating. For more details about Dr. Kim’s expertise with complex cases, please continue to the section below.

Dr. Kim provides a range of restorative and reparative solutions, including mercury-free fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, nightguards, and bite equilibration. She prefers a conservative approach to dentistry that preserves existing tooth structure and respects your unique anatomy, concerns, and desires.

Restorative treatments often go hand in hand with cosmetic treatments. Whether we are replacing decayed, damaged, missing teeth, or correcting the function of a bite, we have an eye toward maintaining or improving esthetics as well. To learn more about our cosmetic treatments, please visit our Cosmetic Page.

We are also very proactive with our treatment of gum disease through our Perio Program, which we invite you to read more about on our Preventative Page.

Complex Cases

If you are in need of a complex restoration, rest assured that you are in good hands with Dr. Kim. Her commitment to ongoing dental education at the most advanced levels ensures that you are receiving the latest and most effective treatments from an expert in the field. The minimum requirement for continuing education in dentistry is 23 hours a year. Dr. Kim routinely takes around 100 hours per year.

Dr Kim is also a Mentor at the prestigious Kois Center, a world-renowned post-graduate level dental training center. This extra time teaching and training other dentists allows Dr. Kim to profoundly understand and skillfully treat very complex cases, including full mouth reconstruction, complicated bite problems, and intricate cosmetic procedures.

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