Your At-Home Routine

If you are prone to cavities (a.k.a. dental caries), a bacterial imbalance in your mouth may be causing the problem. Brushing and flossing can reduce bacteria, but neither alters the current acidic bacterial balance in your mouth, which is why some patients find that even with good at-home care, they continue to get cavities. 

We recommend several products for home use that specifically address this issue and promote a healthy chemical balance in your mouth, including the CariFree product line. For your convenience, some of these products we keep stocked at our office.

Additionally, we recommend certain toothpastes that are effective at removing plaque while also remaining gentle and not causing unnecessary tooth wear. It is required that all toothpastes have a relative dentin abrasion (RDA) score of less than 250. We strongly advise that you stay under an RDA of 70. Please view our TOOTHPASTE ABRASIVITY LIST here.


Product List 

CariFree CTX4 Treatment Rinse
CariFree CTX4 Gel 5000
CariFree CTX2 Spray
ProFresh Breathcare Oral Rinse


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