Cutting-Edge Technology

No more goop! Our office has the most up-to-date iTero Digital Scanner. This intraoral scanner can be used in multiple ways:

1) We can now easily capture the condition of your teeth with a digital scan, which can then be compared to future scans. This is an accurate and simple way for us to see changes in your mouth (such as wearing down of teeth, gum recession, cracks, etc.). During your appointment, you’ll be able to see the images on screen, which also helps us have a more comprehensive discussion about your oral health.

2) Scanning replaces messy, gooey impressions needed for restorations and appliances (such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and retainers). In fact, you won’t feel anything on your teeth as we use our small handheld wand to scan inside your mouth.

3) If you’re being treated with Invisalign (invisible braces with no metal brackets or wires), the iTero digital scanner gives us the unique ability to predict the movement of your teeth from day one. We can get a full picture of what is happening inside your mouth before, during, and after Invisalign treatment.

How It Works

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