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Feeling good about your smile can improve your confidence and positively impact your overall well-being. Dr. Kim is passionate about cosmetic dentistry, and she is inspired by the happiness that the results bring her patients.

Cosmetic treatments may be done in conjunction with reparative treatments, though they are often done for purely esthetic reasons. In either case, it is vital that both functionality and appearance are taken into account.

We offer the following cosmetic services:

– Teeth whitening (in-office, custom trays, take home trays)
– Porcelain crowns and bridges
– Porcelain implants
– Porcelain and composite veneers (including “no-prep” veneers)
– Cosmetic bonding to fix chips, minor cracks, small gaps, etc.
– Invisalign and retainer therapy to straighten teeth
– Esthetic gum surgery to reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile” or to lengthen short teeth

Dr. Kim works closely with you to understand how you envision your smile. Your consultation includes mock-ups and reversible “trial smiles” to ensure that you get a final result that you love. We invite you to read about Dr. Kim’s cosmetic philosophy and the Smile Design process below.

Cosmetic Philosophy

Patients sometimes come into our office wanting some type of cosmetic update, but they are worried that a procedure such as veneers or surgery would be too overwhelming or intensive.

While a case that involves full-mouth rehabilitation can be extensive, most often cosmetic results can be achieved with minimally invasive techniques. Sometimes a simple procedure, such as closing a gap or whitening a discoloration, can take place in one appointment and make a huge improvement.

Dr. Kim’s dental philosophy is a conservative one that focuses on preserving your natural tooth structure whenever possible. For example, cosmetic bonding can often enhance your smile without removing any of your own tooth structure; rather, your existing tooth structure is covered with a material that looks like your natural teeth.

Similarly, veneers can also sometimes be completely additive so that no tooth structure is removed. And in some cases, veneers cover only a limited number of teeth instead of an entire row. Dr. Kim works with a variety of materials from porcelain to composite to find the solution that is best for you.

Every cosmetic case is unique, and communication is key. Prior to your cosmetic procedure, we offer a SMILE DESIGN CONSULTATION where you will discuss your cosmetic goals and wishes with Dr. Kim. From there, the different possibilities and options are explored. If needed, Dr. Kim can provide a “mock-up” on a stone model of your mouth. This mock-up can even be placed on your teeth to create a “trial smile” so that you can see what the results will look like without making any permanent changes yet. We have found that this process creates the best results and the happiest patients.

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