We are proud of our dental team! 

We believe it is important to work together as a team, to provide you with the best of care.  We have daily and weekly meetings to discuss our patients' needs and how we can improve.  We participate in over 70 hours of continuing education courses per year (as a team) to keep current and to ensure high quality service.  We have worked hard...and that is why we love our team!  We value each other, because we know that each member is absolutely critical in how well we care for our patients. 



Lisa has been a hygienist for over 28 years.  Lisa's role is absolutely critical because we believe that oral health is directly linked to overall health.  She will assess your oral and gum health, and will treat all of your oral hygiene needs.  Lisa is highly educated and keeps up to date with recent research, and she will treat you for overall optimal health.  She believes in getting to know her patients so she can customize the treatment to each individual's needs.  Lisa is gentle and through, and cares deeply for her patients.  She is very passionate about dentistry and goes the extra mile for each of our patients.   

"I feel privileged to serve as your dental hygienist with over twenty-six years of experience.  My passion is patient education and moving you forward in choosing dental health.  I believe that caring for you is caring for the person.  You may not remember the treatment you received but you will remember how I made you feel.  I learn from you too, with our trusted relationship.  I enjoy getting to know each person individually.  Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my family and friends." 




Leena started off as a dental assistant and then became a hygienist.  She has been in the dental field for over five years.  Leena is highly educated and keeps up to date with continuing education.  Her role is absolutely critical because we believe that oral health is directly linked to your overall health.  Leena believes in getting to know her patients and assessing their risk, so she can care for her patients in a personalized way.  Leena is gentle and thorough, and will do everything she can to try to make you comfortable. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, weight lifting, playing tennis, baking, and playing the guitar. 

"I am grateful to be part of such an amazing team with great teamwork. I love my job as a dental hygienist because I learn something new everyday - whether it being from my coworkers or my patients." 


Monica has enjoyed being in the dental field for over 31 years and has a wealth of knowledge, having experience both as a dental assistant and as a front office manager.  Monica will be one of the first people you meet.  She will be your treatment and financial coordinator.  Monica is the accounts manager for our practice and will assist you with any accounting questions you may have.  She is our insurance liaison and will work directly with your insurance provider to get optimal results from your plan.  Monica brings joy and enthusiasm to our office. 

"I feel very fortunate and blessed to be part of such an amazing team.  It's great to have a career in which I look forward to going to work each day.  I have seen many life changing experiences in restoring smiles.  I love what I do!  I obtained my skippers licensed in 2017 and I live to sail!  I enjoy water and snow sports, gardening, cooking, fishing, golf, mountain biking, riding motorcycles, sailing the San Juan Islands and area lakes.  I have three children and 2 darling grandchildren." 




My Linh will be schedule your appointments and will contact your insurance company to determine your benefits.  My Linh will be one of the first people you meet by phone, text or email.  In her free time, My Linh enjoys movies and trying spicy new foods with her husband.



Danielle has been a Dental Assistant for more than fifteen years.  In her spare time, Danielle enjoys quilting.  She is a proud wife and mother of 3 amazing kids. 

"I love to work with people and dentistry is especially rewarding to me because you are often relieving people's pain or improving their smile"