TODAY is the day that dentists dread.  All that sugary, sticky gooey-ness everywhere, and in mass quantities!!
However, did you know that there are some candies that are OKAY?  Yes, you read that correctly:  some candies are okay!
And actually, there is a correct way to eat candies, and an incorrect way.  

Dr. Kim-approved candies:  anything that melts and does not STICK to teeth.  So, chocolates are okay...and who doesn't love chocolate???  We certainly do, here at our practice!  And we do enjoy some goodies in our staff lounge, especially this time of the year!

THE CORRECT WAY TO EAT CANDIES:  eat them right after your meals, as dessert.  Rinse/swish vigorously with water (and only water) to get as much of that sugar off of your teeth.  Brush if possible.  Drink of choice:  water (until your next meal/snack).  Repeat.  

THE INCORRECT WAY TO EAT CANDIES:  do not snack frequently on candies.  Frequency is the key.  The worst thing to do is to graze on candies over a long period of time.  What can be even worse?  Combining that with drinking anything other than water, especially over a long period of time (ie. sipping on juices, sodas, coffee, teas, flavored waters).  

So, there you go...a great way for you to ENJOY candies this holiday season!!!